About Us


with a simple conversation and a simple idea between a brother and a sister.  Getting black businesses exposed and in the hands of our community and continuing to providing ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT for our community. What emerged from this idea was the BLACKOUT BOX Store. We wanted to be a platform that was similar to our family dynamic: developed with LOVE, PASSION and SUPPORT for one another. A place where black businesses could promote themselves, grow their customers and be supported. To create a platform where people could see a plethora of items that black businesses have to offer while keeping the dollar circulating within the COMMUNITY. This business is a family business and at the end of the day we want to continue to help black businesses grow and build something that is uniquely 





Seth Ellis - Founder

Seth is a network engineer who loves the world of technology, volunteering with the youth and reading. He is the youngest of three and when he is not coming up with new ideas for businesses he is found catching a movie or exploring the great outdoors.



Simone Ellis - Founder

Simone is the proud owner of her own dental practice, Smile Design Studios, located in Missouri City, TX. She is the oldest of three and enjoys fashion, theatrer and traveling the world.


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