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 This group of high school and college friends found a way to demonstrate to our communities that through hard work and collective responsibility, dreams are truly achievable. After 3 years building and spending hundreds of hours in meetings and on conference calls, growing their investment fund, pooling together their financial resources, and career experiences this group launched “Black Coffee.”



CoffeeStix redefines the taste and convenience of coffee on the go. Rest assured knowing your cup of coffee or tea will be full of flavor like those you purchase at the finest coffee houses in the world to be enjoyed with your favorite coffee blend at home. CoffeeStix is affordable and accessible. They come in a variety of flavors that will appeal to all coffee lovers who yearn for a unique and no mess coffee drinking experience.

With endless options and no shortage of self-described experts, it’s tough to develop a healthy relationship with skin care. Justin started this company with the goal of making it easy. Working side-by-side with my dermatologist dad and brother, we created recipes for effective yet easy-to-use products that make skin care simple for men and women.




Vicky Cakes


Vicky Cakes Pancake & Waffle Mix is the brain child of good food and family vibes.Great memories and strong nostalgic vibes keep our family tradition going, and now they are inviting you to share the same experience with your family through these delicious buttermilk pancakes and waffles.  Laugh together, eat together, and build together while enjoying the heart of breakfast!



AudreyJames Co. is a small family-owned aromatherapy brand founded in South Carolina. With the help of an amazingly supportive family unit, AudreyJames has handcraft soap, bath goods and fragrant candles for men, women, and children. Their honesty speaks through our work reflecting eco-friendly materials, detailed craftsmanship, and spirited ambition


Creek Candle Shop



 The Wellness Apothecary

Tayiana, a licensed clinical pharmacist and a wellness expert, dedicated Wellness Apothecary to curating affordable, clean, and natural health & beauty products to cultivate a holistic lifestyle.




Ever since he was a little boy, NFL Pro Reggie Kelly, owner of KYVAN® Foods, cooking in my household has been an event within itself and my family is a big reason why I love to cook. Growing up, they would always tell him, “Reggie, when you cook, make sure you do it with love.” “His family believed that great meals should be prepared in such a way that once eaten, it would touch your “SOUL”. He gathered that he should cook in such a way that first time visitors would feel welcomed and feel as though they are a part of my family.”